Basic but not so basic-Workwear hacks!

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This post is for the working gal! The nine to fiver…or nine to whatever time your boss decides you get to go home. I strongly buy into the adage “if you dress well, you feel well”. It kind of makes you feel better about having to iron your outfits for the week ahead on a Sunday night, in front of the TV while Derek Watts tells you about South Africa’s bleak future. It’s tough sometimes. I know.

The workspace has really changed in terms of workwear. We’re not really required to wear blazers and black shoes everyday. It’s a great change but it also comes with added pressure. Everyone wants to be ‘insta-ready’ everyday! So how do you dress well for your office job without the additional stress of having to put together outfits so far in advance when you would rather be catching up on that new book you bought but never got a chance to read or spending time with your family? Well, just get some staple items and then switch them around. I have two different T-shirts in the outfits below and I’ve paired them with the same shoe but different skirts. Add a cute accessory and you have a completely different look. There you go, two days out of five, sorted!

A-line skirts and a simple T or even a printed T can take your office outfit from “bleh” to “bloody hell that looks cute!”, with minimal effort. Invest in some quality T-shirts and a good pair of black heels and I think you could upgrade your office look and boost your confidence. I speak from experience. On days when I can barely get out of bed and I end up wearing an extra-large sweater with a pair of ankle grazers and flats, I generally feel crappy for the rest of the day. However, if I just manage to scrape together a good enough outfit that is office appropriate, it seems to change my mindset. Best part about this entire thing is that it reminds you that fashion is about YOU! It isn’t about impressing the masses. It’s about how it makes YOU feel. Plus, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I could wear either T-shirt with either skirt (below) and it would still be office chic. What a way to make it seem like I have my life together!

So think about getting some staple items and then switch one of the items and there you have it, a whole new outfit for work! Happy workwear planning!

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White T-Shirt: The Fix SA

Midi Skirt: Superbalist

Black Heels: The Fix SA

Leather Jacket: Topshop


Black T-Shirt: Cotton On

Pale Pink Pleather Midi Skirt: Spree

Photography: Hemisha Bhana

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