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We’ve all heard some brown girl’s rant about how cosmetic companies forget about us chocolate girls and even when they do cater for us it’s always a limited range or ashy looking colours that we are expected to settle for. I don’t know about you but I do not have the time or patience to mix five different foundation shades to create my perfect match. That’s why these companies exist, right? To create my perfect match.(Shout out Fenty #420).

In this post I decided to share some photos with you of a shoot I really loved. It was one of my very first shoots I did when I thought of starting my blog. I loved the outfit and the general tone of the shoot. But girl… my skin tone? What a disaster! I looked over yellow in some shots and then grey in others. All because I listened to an unhelpful, makeup salesperson who actually didn’t care less about helping me find my correct shade. I was so intimidated by her attitude that I just took whatever she gave me and as a result I ended up a bit corpse bride-ish.

I don’t have the perfect recipe for choosing the right foundation shade but I can share with you my process of making sure I don’t look like a character from Pumpkin Patch or Bananas in Pyjamas:

  • Always ask for samples. Take them home and test the products out for a few days. Take photos in natural light and with a flash. Also ask your loved ones for their opinions. It may sting but at least they’ll save you from spending your coin on a full bottle of the shade ‘ash brown’.
  • Not all dark-skinned girls can wear the same foundation shade just because we’re dark! Don’t take the salesperson’s word as final. If he or she splashes some foundation on your face in the store and you can clearly see your neck and face are two different shades then ask for a different shade. They aren’t allowed to refuse.
  • Stop trying out foundation on your hand.Your hands will generally be darker than your face so you may get an incorrect match.
  • Make sure you blend your foundation in thoroughly. Perhaps invest in a beauty blender or the Real Techniques sponge. It’s R130 at Clicks.
  • Invest in lightning drops. Apart from Fenty Beauty and perhaps a hand full of other brands, finding foundation with the right undertones for darker women, is a mission. So lightening drops come in handy. Grab a bottle from the Body Shop and just keep it in your arsenal. Trust me, if you’re brown, you will need it at some point.

My favorite brown girl friendly foundations are:

  • Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC50
  • Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Foundation in the shade 420. For a full Fenty review check out my YouTube page: https://youtu.be/dGUPzBNSvdU
  • Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in the shade Amber Honey

In the photos below you will see that there are multiple swatches on my face. Believe it or not, all of these shades were sold to me as my “perfect shade”. Now tell me it ain’t a struggle for a brown girl to find the perfect foundation.

The photos from the shoot are more grey. My skin looks strange. But I’m happy to share these so you understand that it takes time and effort when it comes to makeup selection. No judgement necessary. I’ve judged myself enough for these photos! Lol!

Let me know in the comments section what your favorite foundations are and if you have any tips for brown girls when it comes to finding the perfect shade.


Love & Joy


Photography: GDG Photography