Hi Guys! Apologies for not sticking to my regular Thursday posts. I’ve been away so I’ve been a bit off schedule.

Today’s post has the corniest title but it’s also the truth! We all have bloggers we look up to and celebs we marvel at. But recently I’ve noticed that blogging has taken a strange turn. It’s become more about showcasing expensive clothes and an accumulation of designer bags and shoes than it is about adding value to reader’s lives. Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for a good bag and a neat pair of shoes but you’ll never catch me telling you to buy a pair of jeans that costs 2000 bucks. I’m just not that kinda girl. I would much rather buy five smaller items than just one pair of jeans.

I get it, we all want nice things and we all work hard so why not spoil ourselves right? Right! But also, are you being wise? When did shopping at Mr Price or other household brands we were used to, become something that’s looked down upon? I’ll tell you when. When Instagram became a platform to show off your fancy shoes, cars and clothes. I am guilty of wasting money on shoes and clothes that I hardly ever wore. Recently I looked at my closet and thought, my go to items are generally from Mr Price and Daily Friday (Superbalist) so why not write about that. I am as unashamed as they come! People often ask me about where I get some of my dresses and shoes from and I usually laugh at how surprised they are when I reply with “Mr Price”.

I think the fashion blogging industry has influenced us in so many positive ways but a major let down for me is that I’ve stopped seeing relatable content. When last have you seen one of your favourite bloggers wearing a R50 T-shirt? Or R160 pair of jeans? Think about it…I’ll wait….

I’m not saying you should go out and buy the cheapest clothing you can find. Quality is definitely important. Rather, I am saying you should know how to shop. Pick items that are inexpensive but are still of good quality. Yes, these stores do exist. If you’re shopping at Mr Price, look at their Oakridge range and if you’re shopping on Superbalist look at Daily Friday or Style Republic. Spree also stocks Style Republic. For shoes, I really love Daily Friday and Rubi. They have some stunning pieces that you can pair with your more expensive items. That’s what I tend to do. I will buy clothes from anywhere if the quality is right and the price is even better. I also buy a lot of my denims from Mr Price. Under 200 bucks for distressed, boyfriend jeans? Yes and yes!!!

I will end on this note; if you can afford to splurge every month, go ahead. But to those of you who want to look good on a budget and save your coin for travel or just for the sake of being penny wise, please stop being brainwashed into thinking you need every bag, every pair of jeans or leather jacket you see online. Find what works for you and your wallet. Buying a few pricey items are fine if you can pair them with your less expensive items. Always think of how many looks you can create with that one ridiculously priced blouse you bought because you saw some girl on Instagram wearing it.

A trick I use for online shopping is pretty simple. I stock my cart up. I leave it for a day or so and then I revisit it. I usually end up removing more than half of the items. You don’t need everything you see your idols wear online. I promise that you can look just as trendy on your terms, without breaking the bank. Also remember, not everything you see online is true. Sometimes you are trying to mimic the lives of people who have a completely different online presence than they do in reality. So perhaps it’s best if you stay in your lane and live according to your means. If one pair of jeans costs R2000 and at another store it costs R160, you can buy two pairs for R320 and give one away. Saving money and doing good at the same damn time! It’s a win win situation! Plus your positive bank balance will thank you later.

Love & Joy


Kimono: YDE

T-Shirt: Mr Price

Jeans: Mr Price

Shoes: Rubi

Purse: Colette Hayman

Photography: Hemisha Bhana