Is Maybelline here for the browns?

Hi Guys! Thanks for the visit. I rarely do product reviews on my blog. I think it’s something I should start doing more frequently. Maybelline Fit Me seems to be all the hype online lately. I’m not really one to get caught up in a hype and I have to admit, drugstore foundations have never been kind to me. So I generally hard pass on purchasing foundations from the drugstore. However, this year I picked up a foundation from another drusgtore brand and I was pleasantly surprised. To get you up to speed, I have combination skin and some stubborn pigmentation. My foundation is a mess around midday because of my oily T-zone.

I’ve seen so many influencers rave about the Maybelline Fit Me foundation so I was persuaded to purchase it so I could test it for women of colour because generally, fair skinned influencers love this foundation. At least the ones I follow. For R92,99 I mean, why not? I picked up the shade 350 in the foundation and powder. I hate mixing shades! I just want a product that suits me. I don’t want to put in extra work for a product I already paid for. So shade range is important and I’m happy to report that 350 is definitely my shade. I also restocked the primer and grabbed a bronzer palette while I was at it.

Firstly, the primer is great. I’m sure we all know that by now. BUT the primer combined with this foundation? Girl!!!I never really bought into the whole “stick to one brand” thing “because the application and wear is much better”. Yeah brands, that’s what you all say! However, I totally buy into it with Maybelline because I’ve tested it on my damn self!

Coverage: Sheer to medium coverage. Definitly not my go to. But if you apply two pumps, it’s beautiful. Coming from me, that’s major because I have stubborn pigmentation but this foundation covered it and also photographed well! BONUS!

Wear: I tested this foundation for two weeks before writing up this review. I applied it at around 8am everyday and by 5pm it still looked matte, and it stayed in place. I was shook. Not even my MAC Studio fix stays in place that long because of my oily T-zone. Guys, can I tell you? I was not oily at all and my T-zone still looked matte after hours of wearing this foundation. I’m not one to hype a product just for brand recognition. If it’s a shitty product, I will tell you because brown girls deserve honesty to! I was not grey, I was not orange or red, I was just my perfectly brown self with an extra glow. The shade match blew me away. No wonder shade 350 was sold out practically everywhere in Joburg. This foundation truly is like skin but better. That’s a claim I’ve heard before but this foundation is so true to that statement. The powder adds that final punch to the matte effect. I think it helps a lot with oil control. Indian women tend to suffer with oily/sensitive skin and hyper-pigmentation. This foundation doesn’t irritate the skin, it covers and wears so well. Please go get your hands on this foundation and powder if you can!

If you don’t have problem skin you can pop this on as a sheer BB cream by mixing a drop or two into your moisturizer. If you want full coverage it’s totally buildable.

Master bronze kit: So we know by now that it’s tough for brown girls to bronze because some brands generally make bronzers that just blend into our skin and doesn’t appear on us at all. We’re brown but we want to look like bronze goddesses okurrr? Got it? Thanks! This palette is stunning. It has soft a peachy shade which you can use as a blush, two darker brown shades to swipe over or just above your cheek contour and then a power packed highlighter for that blinding glow. Because what other glow is there?

I wore all of these products to the beach the other day for a small photoshoot. The ultimate test! My face was not sticky at all. I was so impressed. This may just be my everyday foundation! Maybelline, you did good for the browns!

This review is unlike my usual reviews. I am so hyped about these products. The drugstore Gods are smiling down on me. I can tell. Foundation under a hundred bucks that is actually my shade, covers my spots and also wears well throughout the work day? Yes and yes! It’s got that makeup-no-makeup effect.

Here are some photos from the beach. I haven’t touched up any of these photos. You can still see my beauty spots on my cheek. So it’s definitely like skin but better!

Maybelline products all over this brown face.

Have you tried any of these yet? Let me know in the comments section. I would love if you could also recommend some more Maybelline products for me to try!

Love & Joy


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