Hi Guys!

Welcome back! If you’re new, thanks for ending up here. I’m thrilled to have you read my posts.

This one will be short and sweet because I want to guys to look at the super cool images that came out of this shoot.

A few months ago on Instagram I connected with someone who would soon become a dear friend and fellow stylist. I love when pleasure meets business. Yes, I know I said it the wrong way around. But that is the reality of the situation. I met Sache West on Instagram and we instantly connected. We recently argued for hours about who followed who, first. Turns out he followed me first! Ha! I followed him right back because his feed was ridiculous. Ridiculously great! He has such a great sense of style and an eye for styling others. I think that’s where a lot of stylists get it wrong. They can style themselves but fail at styling different body types. This guy’s portfolio blew me away. He also happens to be from Jozi but moved to Cape Town. So he has that Jozi hustle with the Cape Town flair. Who can go wrong with that combo? He recently organized and styled a full shoot for my blog with the equally talented, sibling duo Half & Halve. These guys are some of Cape Town’s most talented fashion photographers! Guys, I am blessed to have worked with such talent.

The blogging space in CT is thriving. Yet, there remains so much room for others. Why? Because Capetonians are so welcoming, so committed to seeing others thrive and equally as committed to their own hustle. Why am I not living in CT? I’ll get back to you on that one.

My experience working with Sache West and Half & Halve was nothing short of amazing. It was thrilling and also nerve wrecking because these guys have worked with the cream of the crop when it comes to bloggers, models and other creatives. Their treatment of me was inspiring. They were so professional and so kind. They gave me great direction and understood my vision. I wanted a work-wear chic look. I always say, your work wardrobe never has to be boring. We went for a subtle makeup look because the outfit is so busy! Also, are you wearing false lashes to the office everyday? Probably not. So subtle makeup it is. Now can we talk about these sleeves? If it doesn’t give you life then you 100% need to check your vitals. I mean, this is like Christmas, work-wear appropriate. Sleeves like the Grinch, but floral like a freshly decorated Christmas tree. Calm down. I’m kidding. But a statement piece like this can only help you feel more badass in the office. Which is is my wish for all you working gals! We threw on a Gucci belt and a pair of sunnies to really take this look up a notch! So you can pop these items on if you want to switch up your look for your year end function that starts at 4pm. The reality of working in Jozi.

So this is really what it means to collaborate right? Working with like minded, professionals to achieve your vision in the best way possible because you receive input and direction from people who are experts in their field. We also use our individual networks to promote each other’s work. Man, sometimes social media can be so good to us! I used to think I’m not really a collaboration kind of person, but this little trip to CT has changed my mind. CT and its people have my heart!

Here’s to more collabs in 2018! Now look at the pretty photos and let me know what you think in the comments section below…

Love & Joy


Blazer & Vest: Zara

Pants: Mango

Shoes: Public Desire

Handbag: Guess

Belt: Gucci

Sunnies: Prada

Earrings: Lovisa

Stylists: Kelly & Sache West

Photographers: Half & Halve