Hi guys! Thanks for popping by. It’s been a while but I’ve been working behind the scenes, switching things up a bit.

This week’s post is a quick ‘why to’ post. Recently I’ve been doing a ton of online shopping. Alas, some have costed an arm and a leg in customs, some items just haven’t arrived and others arrived three sizes too small. However, I’ve found my go-to online store.  NA-KD fashion has never let me down. Considering some horrid experiences I’ve had with other online stores and some of the stories I’ve heard from other women, I thought I’d share some quick points on why I choose to shop NA-KD because I think you need know that you have a few more options when it comes to online shopping and that you’re not limited to shopping in SA!

Why I shop NA-KD:

  1. Items are true to photos. Items don’t surprise you when they arrive. They’re just as they look in the photo, if not better.
  2. You can see the pieces in motion. Click on the runway option to view models actually walking around in the item. This helps because you can see the actual fit of the garment from all angles.
  3. Huge sales. If you’re looking for a bargain buy, head straight on over to the sale section. Do a quick conversion and you will see that you could pick up some items for less than 200 bucks.
  4. Not limited to seasons. They carry clothing for all seasons so there’s always plenty of variety.
  5. Delivery is reliable and efficient. The moment your order is shipped you will get a call from DHL letting you know where you parcel is and when you can expect it.
  6. NO EXTRA COSTS FOR CLEARANCE! This has to be the best part. The yellow beret in the photos below is from ASOS and I don’t even want to talk about the amount of extra cash I had to spend on top of the order and delivery amount just to get this cleared. NA-KD adds customs fees into the total amount and it does not even come close to the amount of money you would spend for shipping directly to SA from ASOS. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good ASOS haul but If you’re shopping from ASOS, add an extra R2000 to your budget. If you’re on a budget, shop NA-KD!

I know we get caught up in shopping at huge chain stores in SA because we’re tricked into thinking they’re affordable so we can buy more for less. However, if you actually weigh up the quality and price, you could be purchasing far better quality items for the same amount of money you would be spending at a chain store. Quantity is not always the better option.

Tips for shopping NA-KD:

  1. Shop Sales. Make sure you’re always checking out sale items. Right now the US is moving into spring so most winter items are on sale.
  2. Check the exchange rate. Guys, watch the news and keep track of the how the Rand is performing. When it’s doing well, that’s when you should buy. You will get more for your rand.
  3. Stay focused! Know what you’re looking for before you get on the site. You don’t want to over spend and you also don’t want to forget what you really need. So, I suggest you go in with a plan. Search by category and colour. That way you cut out the clutter and get straight to the items you’re looking for.
  4. Hold out for free delivery. If you have the patience (I don’t) then wait a few more days for free delivery. If you’re as impatient as I am, see below tip…
  5. Find buying partners. If you know a bunch of ladies that want to shop on NA-KD as well, do a single cart and split the delivery costs if you opt for express delivery.

Happy Shopping!

Have you had any terrible online shopping experiences, from SA stores or abroad? Let me know in the comments section.

(Outfit details below)

Love & Joy


Denim Coat: NA-KD.com

White Knit: MRP

Beret: ASOS

Boots: Daily Friday

Photography: Hemisha Bhana