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I missed a week of picks so technically I should be posting about six products BUT obviously I won’t be doing that all at once because… consistency! Oh the irony! Let’s stick to the initial three products per week and we’ll play catch up later.

This week I’m reviewing The Body Shop Tea Tree range. I have three products that cover a simple skincare routine; face wash, moisturiser and a treatment gel.

When covering an entire range I will rate the range out of ten.

Overall rating for this range: 8 out of 10.

I will discuss why I subtracted some points based on its effectiveness for my problem areas. As you know by now I have blemishes, some hyperpigmentation and oily skin.

Let’s get right into it shall we?



So this face wash has extracts derived from the foothills of Mount Kenya. Will that make you purchase it? Probably not. I couldn’t care less if the product had extracts from the foothills of a little mole hill in my neighbour’s back yard. I just need it to do the things it says it will.

The claim is that it deeply cleanses blemished skin and that it cools and soothes the skin.

I have to agree with the cooling and soothing bit. I tend to get a few flare ups when I’m stressed or about to get my menzies. I used this face wash and in two days my skin calmed down, was less itchy and the bumps had decreased in size. The tea tree scent is super strong so you get that deep cleansing tingle once you apply it to your skin. I am super impressed with the fact that it cuts through make up much like Handy Andy cuts through grease! You can pick it up at a 100 bucks for 250ml. Quite the bargain if you ask me. I would suggest you add this to your collection of cleansing products but you would probably only need to reach for it when you notice your skin acting up.



Mattifying? Lightweight? No greasy after feel? Like music to an oily Indian’s ear, right? I wasn’t in the market for a new moisturizer but there was a three for two deal and I couldn’t resist. All I have to say is, where have you been all my li-i-i-ife? (If you don’t know Rihanna then I forgive you for not getting my song reference).

This product is so true to its claim. Its super mattifying. I haven’t used a primer all week. Just slapped this on and applied my foundation over it. Obviously I had to use some blotting paper during the day but that’s nothing new for me. This moisturiser cut down my makeup application time by a few minutes and my skin didn’t feel as clogged as it usually does. So overall, I’m happy with it.

I do however, have one issue with this product which is why I subtracted a point here…It doesn’t contain SPF. That’s a bit of a bummer and I really hope they remaster this little gem in the near future. Nevertheless, its worth the 130 bucks and I will definitely be repurchasing this one!



So this is a little treatment gel that you’re meant to apply to breakout areas or a persistent pimple on your nose that decides to join you for that interview you’re off to. I suppose it’s meant to decrease the size of the pimple as well as clear it, eventually. I had a huge pimple on my forehead the other day so I decided to try this out. I was patient. I let that pimple live on my face longer than it needed to. Three days later it hadn’t decreased in size that much. It was less itchy and red but that was about it.

This is where I took off another point from this range. I think this product is a tad unnecessary and I would rather you use that 85 bucks to put towards something a bit more effective like the mattifying lotion, for instance.

I’ve had a good experience with this range so far. It is really affordable and if you don’t have any specific problems with your skin then this range is a bonus! If you have problem skin then the face wash and lotion are two effective products to incorporate into your daily routine. Leave out the gel. No one needs the gel!

Well, there you have it, my picks of the week! Can you pat me on the back for actually posting this week? No? Ok! Well at least leave me a comment letting me know what your favourite body shop products are so I can try them.

Love & Joy


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