Hi Guys! Happy Spring! You’re probably wondering why I’m not wearing a floral kimono for my first Spring post. How rude, right? Wrong! I decided that my first Spring post, while still fashion inspired, will actually be more about what Spring means to me. Yes, I have some serious feelings about a season! Stay with me!

Most of us write down our deepest aspirations a few days before the first of January every year. By mid March or April we end up feeling uninspired because really, nothing’s changed and if it has, we’ve gotten used to it and now we want something more. Feeling uninspired has to be one of the worst emotional phases I think we go through. It’s draining and debilitating! If you’re anything like me, the plans you had for January may have only come to fruition 6 months into the year. But at least they did!

So what does Spring mean to me?

Well, about two years ago I was diagnosed as depressed. I wasn’t surprised. I had no trouble waking up in the morning but what I did throughout the day and what I thought about, robbed me from living my best life. So I had to learn how to construct “fresh starts” multiple times a day. I began to associate certain activities with positive energy. I meditated on the constructs I had created. For example, a simple bath, while relaxing and mundane for some became a significant part of my day. I shut off, forced myself to forget about the day for 20 minutes and tricked my brain into thinking it was New Years Eve. Well not exactly New Years Eve but you catch my drift. I started doing this some mornings too. It helped me start off my day much better than a rushed shower would. So I ended up feeling hopeful and inspired. You may think this is the most pathetic self-help trick I could have come up with, but it worked for me two years ago and still does today!

After realising that tricking my mind into believing in daily, fresh starts, things started to change. I felt better. I looked better. I got over things quicker and as a result I began to experience more joy than sadness in a day. Then I moved to months. So I skipped 20 gym sessions in August. So what? September is around the corner and I can start again. Gym freaks calm down! I know discipline is important but mental health is even more important to me and Spring signifies just that! It’s an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself and to give yourself another chance!

Go do that thing you’ve been wanting to do all year or all of August and just punked out because of the cold weather. Go get that second income and start that company or NGO you’ve been wanting to but just “haven’t had the time” (always my go-to line). Start asking yourself why the hell you’re always doing all the calling and texting! Queue Drake: “F*ck a fake friend where your real friends at? Cut out the negative things and people in your life and then blame it on Spring! Give yourself more time with yourself! And lastly, BOSS THE HECK UP!

Now is your time. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming and while hay fever is rife, you can still wake up and convince yourself that you’ve been given a fresh start in September! Ain’t nobody got time to wait till Jan!

I love September! I love Spring! This outfit makes me feel like a total badass and that’s definitely what Spring does to me too… but you best believe I will be wearing a floral Kimono next week.

Go out in stripes, plaid or floral and conquer!

Love & Joy


Shirt: X&O Available at YDE

Joggers: Daily Friday (Superbalist)

Heels: Woolworths

Photography by Hemisha Bhana