Hi Guys!

Welcome back! I hope April is treating you well so far. It’s getting pretty chilly in Jozi and I think I was a bit unprepared for how quick the weather would switch up on us. That being said, this week’s post is a quick guide on how to switch up a summer dress to a more wearable, winter outfit. I changed up a few items to create two different looks with the very same dress.

I don’t think it’s necessary for you to purchase a whole new wardrobe for the coming, cooler seasons. Just add a jacket here and a pair of boots there and you’ve got a different look. This winter I plan on recycling the crap outta my summer garments by layering and accessorizing to create different looks. Gotta save that coin!

Look One:

So this is the dress without any real winter element, besides the boots I guess. I LOVE these boots with my whole heart guys, my WHOLE HEART! So instead of wearing this with a thin strapped heel, I added these badass boots from Public Desire.


Look Two:

I threw on a leather jacket and some chunky punk boots from Misguided. I also strapped on this cute little belt purse. Not much of a bum bag but it’s a daintier iteration of a regular bum bag. I think it adds a soft but edgy touch to this floral dress.

Look Three:

Keep the leather jacket, throw on a beret and you can rest easy while the cold settles in. I took my jacket off because I looked sweaty! haha. But you get me…

Save your coin and try this out!

Hope you enjoy creating some winter looks with your summer items!


Love & Joy


Dress: Daily Friday

Leather Jacket: Topshop

Red boots: Public Desire

Black boots: Misguided

Beret: ASOS