Hi Guys! Welcome back! Happy New Year! Wow, those are a ton of exclamation marks.

So I’m sure most of you are back to work, hustling hard and making sure you kick 2018 in the nuts. I know I am. Most of you know that I have a 9 to 5 outside of blogging. I love wearing heels. Who doesn’t love a good pair of ‘freakum heels’ right? However, I recently found that I am far more productive at my 9 to 5 when I’m wearing flats. Let’s just be real, sometimes heels are just impractical. Especially if you have a fast paced work environment. There’s a strange misconception that an office job requires women to wear heels. That kind of thinking is so 1970! I don’t always see men wearing dress shoes to the office so why should we be expected to wear heels? Ladies, you can still look professional and fashionable as heck in a slick pair of flats. I’ve found a few of the most beautiful and versatile flats that are perfect for the office. You can be productive while looking good at the same damn time! Also, these heels are under 500 bucks each. SCORE!

My next few posts will show you how to style these heels from Monday to Friday. You’ll be getting things done at the speed of light or at least before someone can say “daaaamn girl those shoes are FIRE”, and you’ll be looking good doing it. Most importantly, you will be comfortable, you will look and feel good and you WILL KICKASS AT WORK!

1. Mustard Flats from FOOTWORK. So Zara had these without the thick sole. I couldn’t find my size so I picked up a similar pair from Zando. These are so flattering and perfect for summer.

2. I picked up these Public Desire flats, online. How stunning are these? The embellished, snake detail gives it that glamorous edge and against the velvet, camo green material, can you say high fashion on a budget? YAAASSS!

3. Red satin flats! Need I say more?

4. These easy-going slip-ons are perfect for a Friday at the office. Can’t wait to show you how to style these beauts!

5. The girly-girl’s guide to flats for the office. These flats are perfect for a hot summer’s day when all you want to wear is a T-shirt dress. This checkered ribbon detail will add some personality to your outfit. They’re so dainty and feminine. I love them!

Are you a flats or heels kinda gal? Let me know in the comments section.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming posts on how to style these flats for the office.

I hope you’re already taking 2018 by storm!

Love & Joy